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Optimisation: defining and exploring a concept to enhance the impact of public health initiatives Health Research Policy and Systems Full Text.
Specifically, some participants stressed that the values and perspectives of stakeholders need to be considered when deciding whether a programme has been optimised. Others suggested that optimisation has been reached when stakeholders consider that further investment in optimisation may not yield worthwhile improvements in impact.
Medicines optimisation hub.
This focus on improved outcomes for patients helps ensure that patients and the NHS get better value from the investment in medicines. Download our good practice guidance document on medicines optimisation Helping patients make the most of their medicines. Medicines optimisation: What does it mean for me?
Summary of NICE guidance for Medicines optimisation SPS Specialist Pharmacy Service The first stop for professional medicines advice.
Please go to NICE for any recent updates to this guideline. NICE Bites is a monthly bulletin from North West Medicines Information Centre that summarises key prescribing points from NICE guidance. NICE Bites No 74, April 2015 includes one topic: Medicines optimisation NICE NG5.
A global optimisation method for robust affine registration of brain images PubMed. Twitter. Facebook. Youtube. LinkedIn. GitHub. SM-Facebook. SM-Twitter. SM-Youtube.
Many different automatic registration methods have been proposed to date, and almost all share a common mathematical framework one of optimising a cost function. To date little attention has been focused on the optimisation method itself, even though the success of most registration methods hinges on the quality of this optimisation.
Medicines Optimisation Dashboard: PSNC Main site.
Home The Healthcare Landscape Medicines Optimisation Dashboard. Medicines Optimisation Dashboard. Medicines Optimisation Dashboard. The medicines optimisation dashboard was first launched in 2014 and since then NHS England has developed and refined the dashboard based on feedback from the people who use it.
Optimisation Methods Study at Kings Kings College London. KBS_Icon_questionmark. link-ico.
To introduce various discrete optimisation problems, efficient algorithms for solving these problems, and general algorithmic techniques, which can be applied to a wide range of optimisation problems. The emphasis is put on network optimisation problems and on general optimisation techniques.
Program optimization Wikipedia.
This depends on the source language, the target machine language, and the compiler, and can be both difficult to understand or predict and changes over time; this is a key place where understanding of compilers and machine code can improve performance. Loop-invariant code motion and return value optimization are examples of optimizations that reduce the need for auxiliary variables and can even result in faster performance by avoiding round-about optimizations.
Mathematical optimization Wikipedia.
Stochastic optimization is used with random noisy function measurements or random inputs in the search process. Infinite-dimensional optimization studies the case when the set of feasible solutions is a subset of an infinite dimensional space, such as a space of functions.
MA208 Optimisation Theory.
Introduction to combinatorial optimisation; shortest paths in directed graphs; algorithms and their running time. Classical results on continuous optimisation: Weierstrass's' Theorem concerning continuous functions on compact sets; optimisation of differentiable functions on open sets; Lagrange's' Theorem on equality constrained optimisation; Karush, Kuhn, and Tucker's' Theorem on inequality constrained optimisation.

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